About | The Privvy

WTF is The Privvy?

The Privvy began life as VodkaVendettas in April 2011. Using satire, traumatic life experiences like that one time Katy did a walk of shame through a charity run, and humor, we organically grew a six-figure Twitter audience. Then we were like, “wtf do we do with these people?” so we ditched the VodkaVendettas name, rebranded and created a lifestyle blog in July 2016 to share our experiences and opinions on pretty much everything.

WhoTF is Katy?

Katy is a social media and content marketing consultant living in Los Angeles. Her favorite part about her life is that she gets to work in Lululemon yoga pants and can walk to Starbucks from her office / house. She’s legally banned from Craigslist and is probably at brunch rn tbh.

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WhoTF is Caitlyn?


Caitlyn is a social media marketing consultant and grad student who splits her time between Alabama and 30A. She loves pretending to like salad, and she can’t concentrate unless her nails are done. Never ask her credit card balance if you want to be her friend.

Follow her nowhere because she only tweets for other people.