In this post, I have found the Holy Grail of 2016 pop culture – Chad from The Bachelorette’s Tinder bio.

It’s no secret that while ABC wants us to fall in love with JoJo on this season of The Bachelorette, the person who has really captured our hearts is Chad.

Like, I’m pretty sure no one in the history of The Bachelor or Bachelorette that has gone home week 4 has still remained this relevant after their departure.

So whether you love to hate him or just literally hate him, you have to admit that #BadChad and his meat-loving ways have made a pop culture impact in 2016.


But before Chad was telling Alex that milk is delicious and ripping Evan’s shirt like a WWE wrestler, he was just a regular bro trying to make it in the dating world much like we all do – on Tinder.

And because earlier this week, the gods of Tinder, The Bachelorette, Timehop and Katy’s Fourth Year of Being Single all came together at once, I somehow discovered that one year ago I left-swiped Chad Johnson.

That’s right. I have a screenshot of Chad’s Tinder bio from before his days on The Bachelorette.

chad from the bachelorette tinder bio


When I originally took this screenshot, I simply thought I was sending my friends yet another example of some douchey bro bio that I undoubtedly left-swiped. And thanks to Timehop, an app that shows you not only what you post on social media on the same day the year before, but also the photos you’ve saved in your camera roll, there is still record of this potentially infamous screenshot. (But I mean, what are actually the fucking odds?!)

Since you can’t see the user’s face (it’s not like I knew he was going to be famous when I took this screenshot, ok?), I’ll lay out the seven reasons I’m totally positive this is our Chad’s Tinder profile.

  1. Chad is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and ironically, I spent three years post-grad in Tulsa before moving to Los Angeles, so I would have been swiping in Chad’s Tinder radius.
  2. Two of the guys in the photo are wearing Marines dress uniforms – Chad is a former Marine.
  3. He’s 28 now, which would have made him 27 one year ago.
  4. Chad is a realtor for Chinowth & Cohen, a luxury real estate company, and he’s previously said that he’s a workaholic.
  5. His Bachelorette profile says he’s 6’2″, but I have a theory that all guys say they’re at least one inch taller than they actually are on their dating profiles, so this theory would make sense here.
  6. If you watched even an episode of the show, it’s pretty obvious Chad works out like a psychopath.chad-johnson-bachelorette-villain-drama-02
  7. And finally, the bio ends with a total Chadism, “You probably have a better chance of winning the lottery to be honest,” which is what prompted this screenshot in the first place.

After all these similarities, there’s really no doubt that this is, after all, Bad Chad’s bio. But getting confirmation would be, like, the ultimate win here, so click here to tweet this article to Chad and let’s see if we can get the handsome devil himself to confirm our suspicions.

UPDATE: Chad has officially confirmed that this was, in fact, his Tinder bio.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 8.47.11 PM



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