In this post I will introduce you to six nail polishes so cute that they will literally distract you from whatever you’re doing or thinking about rn.

So your Little got engaged, and she’s two years younger than you? Get your nails done. So you spent five years in college and approximately six million dollars in student loans and can’t find a full-time job? Get your nails done.  So your ex is dating your best friend? Get your—wait. He’s dating Lyndsey? Um, LITERALLY never speak to either one of them again. They’re the fucking worst. But yeah. I guess still get your nails done?

Having an adorable Asian lady glide a beautifully pigmented nail polish onto my fingers once a week is one of my guilty pleasures. It lets me clear my head, harness my chi, and honestly just be a better person as I release all the negativity and stressors of my life into the atmosphere. … What? It’s cathartic. And it’s better than drugs, probably. Whatever is bothering me — whatever is taking away from my quality of life — a mani/pedi corrects it. It’s pretty much just science. I honestly look forward to it more than staring at my iPhone photo album titled “Tom Hardy With a Beard” (because that’s a thing I literally have). And that’s saying a lot. Part of the experience, though, is finding the perfect polish to complement my mood.

Here are five of my cute nail polish faves that I keep coming back to. And fuck Lyndsey.

OPI Funny Bunny Ahh. A classic. This is a MUCH better option than a french manicure *gags* *thows up* *actually dies*  I love this color on fingers and toes. And it’s exactly what I think of when I think of the perfect white polish. I own probably 12 different versions of white, but this is the one I keep gravitating toward. Everyone needs this in their collection. Everyone.

Essie Rock the Boat Bikini So Teeny’s tamer little sister is parfait for toes you’re planning on sticking in the sand and fingers you’re planning to bling out with midi rings. It’s a fun color that I probably get six compliments a day on whenever I wear it. You’ll love it.

OPI Mod About You I’m obsessed. This is a flirty light pink that is a great option for those awful events you have to attend where some girl you know is wearing a white dress and eating cake and rocking Cartier, and it’s not you. What are they called again?

Essie Sand Tropez When guys say “send nudes,” just take a picture of this polish. It’s a seductive but subtle neutral that is equal parts Kylie and classic. This polish is perf for any other occasion when you want your digits to whisper, not scream. (Sidenote: Never Google “nude polish” at work. What shows up is not what you might think/want/need to see.)

Essie Chinchilly This shade is a sleek gray that is chic, simple and hella sophisticated. This mani transcends seasons and is great to look at when you’re *not* texting your ex back. It also looks great when you’re *not* flicking him off. #classy

OPI Cajun Shrimp This luxe lacquer is preppy, fun, and feminine all at the same time. I love it as a pedi in the summer and on nails with stacked rings and bangles in the fall. It also makes you look more tanned, which is a great way to get a glow without going outside. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Are any of these cute nail polishes your go-tos? What is your must-have nail color?



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